Replacement Siding

Town and Country Renovations replacement siding products will change your home’s exterior from average to extraordinary. Are you looking for eye-catching vinyl siding that mimics the natural look of wood? We have fantastic replacement siding products by companies such as Certrainteed, Norandex, and Mastic. 


The Durable Choice

Start your journey to a new exterior by scheduling an in-home consultation with Town and Country Renovations. An in-home consultation allows us at Town and Country Renovations to gain a deeper understanding of your goals and challenges while developing a custom solution to meet your needs.

Town and Country Siding offers the best material selections in the vinyl siding industry to help you achieve your vision of that new house look with our profession installation and service team. Our relationship with local and national lenders allows us to offer different financing options to cover the cost of your investment. See what new vinyl siding can do for you.

Reduced Energy Usage

Our energy efficient vinyl replacement siding products provide remarkable insulation from the elements while reducing bothersome outside noise. By using an insulated vinyl siding product on your home, you can add true R-value insulation to the walls of your home.

Stronger Protection

We offer vinyl siding that can withstand wind gusts of up to 220 miles per hour.  You can rest assured that vinyl siding installed by Town and Country Renovations will continue to remain firmly in place even in Roanoke and Southwest Virginia's windiest conditions. 

Increased Home Value

A home makeover with new siding on your house will pay dividends in the future by increasing the value of your home.  New siding will brighten your exterior and preserve its architectural integrity.

Why Choose Vinyl Siding


Excellent energy efficiency, streamlined installation, and low-maintenance upkeep have made vinyl siding one of the most popular choices for today’s homeowners. We offer the entire spectrum of energy efficient vinyl siding products. These premium lines of siding feature the industry’s best thermal and performance properties.  All of our vinyl siding is designed capture the classic look of traditional cladding while providing significantly better insulation from the elements., and made to install easily and withstand harsh conditions year after year.


Less Maintenance

When you choose vinyl siding, you effectively say goodbye forever to scraping, priming, painting, and sealing the exterior of your home, or paying someone else to do so. Should a panel become damaged, you can easily remove it and have it replaced. Dirt and scuff marks can be washed away with soapy water.

Simplified Installation

Because vinyl panels are made in standard sizes and shapes, this minimizes the opportunity for installation mistakes. Unlike wood, which is nailed tightly to the side of a house, vinyl is hung from nails driven through holes at the top of each panel. This lets the vinyl expand and contract as the temperature changes. And, it makes it easy to replace panels that have been damaged.

Easy to Customize

Vinyl siding comes pre-fabricated in many different colors and styles, with more and more options becoming available. Choose the color that fits in with your design scheme and enjoy a custom look that lasts for years.

Excellent Protection

Vinyl siding creates a weatherproof barrier around your home, preventing damage from wind, ice, and rain. It does not absorb moisture, making it less susceptible to mildew and rot. Not only does vinyl siding help reduce your energy bills, it also reduces your impact on the environment


James Hardie
Fiber Cement Siding

More and more homeowners are turning to fiber cement siding for their needs. Fiber cement siding combines sand and cellulose fibers with cement to create one of the strongest siding products on the market. Because fiber cement uses recycled materials, it’s also one of the greenest siding choices available. We are proud to carry James Hardie, the most trusted brand of fiber cement siding products in America.


Authentic Woodgrain Look

James Hardie fiber cement siding emulates the natural look of wood siding to provide homeowners with a traditional style that outperforms wood in every way. Fiber cement siding is easily paintable and can be changed again and again. Unlike wood siding, the fiber cement’s beautiful finish and structural integrity can’t be marred by termites or rot.

Reliable Protection

Fiber cement siding has long been revered for its superior performance against the elements as well as for its natural woodgrain look. Almost as thick as wood, James Hardie fiber cement siding offers an impenetrable barrier to moisture that prevents water damage, mold, and mildew. James Hardie is available in climate-specific lines to ensure optimal protection no matter where you live.

Environmentally Friendly

The unique ability of HardiePlank™ to shed water with maximum efficiency helps it reduce condensation and, subsequently, keep heating and cooling systems working effectively. HardiePlank™ comes in large planks that are ready to be installed, reducing the time and materials needed on the job site. And its famous durability keeps homes beautiful for decades longer than natural wood siding, reducing time, energy and money spent on repairs and maintenance.

Unmatched Durability

Fiber cement siding’s incredible structural strength acts like a suit of armor against even the most extreme elements. Unlike wood siding, fiber cement siding resists fire, rot, decay and even termites, preserving its protective properties—not to mention its good looks—for a very long time.

Choose a combination of HardiePlank®, HardieShingle®, HardiePanel®, HardieTrim®, and HardieSoffit® for a cohesive exterior that will last for decades.


What siding do you like best?